Tired of always going out to eat for those special occasions??
Ever just want a nice home cooked meal in the comfort of your own home and dont know how to make it your self? Or you simply just dont want to??

Well here's your answer!

If you have a special birthday, anniversary, holiday, romantic occasion, family reunion, candle lit dinner or just dont have time for cooking... then you can contact Anthony J's - Home Cooking Service!

What we offer:

-Free menu planning!! Decide what you want to be served at your own kitchen table, our consultant will work with you on planning your own menu with as many courses and servings as you want for your special day.
-We do the shopping!! We will go to the store and get all the ingredients for your meal without you ever having to set foot in the supermarket.
-In home cooking!! Our chefs will cook your meal right in your kitchen so you can feel free to watch the magic happen, just like having your own personal chef.

-Delivery Service!! Don’t want us using your kitchen? That’s fine, we will prepare your meal in our own establishment and deliver it right to your table. And dont worry… you can totally take the credit to impress that special someone.
-Free clean-up!! Ok, Ok… we made the mess, dont worry. We'll clean it all up and even take out the garbage. We won’t leave grease on the stove or cutting boards on the counter.. When we leave it will be like we were never there, except for the full tummys and the smiles on your face!
-Professional and experienced chefs!! Well educated and experienced chefs make sure you have the perfect 5 star gourmet dining experience right in your own dining room! we are Serv Safe Certified so everything will be cooked and served clean and sanitarily.
                              BOOK YOUR SPECIAL NIGHT TODAY!


                        Email: AnthonyJsey@hotmail.com for consultation and menu planning

                          ******We are located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY******

                               ******Will travel to Manhatten and the Hamptons******

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